Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reiki and my Colonoscopy

Yesterday I had a colonoscopy. This was a run-of-the-mill-you're-over-50 peek at my colon. Although I was nervous at what they might find, I was more nervous because I was seeing a new doctor for this exam and I was being completely sedated which was all new to me as well. So how do I calm my nerves? With Reiki of course. I used Reiki healing before I had to do the cleansing the previous day, and the process, although not wonderful, was no where no the unpleasant experience it could have been. As for the procedure itself, I again did another healing on myself the morning of the procedure and found that even though I was nervous, I wasn't as freaked out as I could have been and found myself relaxed once I was on the table. Once I was hooked up to the intravenous apparatus, I was fine and the next thing I knew I was done. I had very little grogginess or discomort afterwards and spent the rest of the day relaxing and happy that my colonoscopy gave me a clean bill of health (at least for my colon). Reiki is wonderful for these types of situations. Any minor or major trip to the doctor can quickly be releived by a Reiki healing session. I might add that even though I was nervous, all my vital signs were good including my blood pressure which tends to spike during these medical procedures. I have Reiki to thank for that. When you surround yourself with positive energy and allow that energy to flow through you, all good things are possible. Blessings, love and light!

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