Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How Does Reiki Work?

This is probably the most common questions I get. I don't know that anyone actually knows exactly how Reiki works. In fact, I've heard other Reiki healers admit that even they are skeptical at times about how it works. The think about Reiki is no one needs to know how it works or even if it does work, it just does! Energy is the most powerful thing in the universe that we can generate. We generate energy every second of the day and I believe, our own energy is so powerful that it exists long after we die. Energy can travel anywhere and everywhere and can change the outcome of anyone's life (think about the law of attraction for instance). Also, as a Reiki practitioner, even though I use hand placements, Reiki energy will go anywhere in the body it needs to go even without hand placements. I sometimes think the hand placements are more for me and less for the recipient. As a Reiki practitioner, I have chosen to think less about how it works and more about the fact that it just does work. I feel constantly amazed and blessed by it each and every day!

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